I Confect

What's your confection?

The Confectionista

Andrea Jackson dreams of a world filled with pound cake, cream cheese frosting, and sprinkles (and of course red wine, triple cream Camembert, and bacon). As a number cruncher with over 15 years’ experience and two degrees in finance, Andrea is realizing her dream of being a… professional baker?! Well, a self-named Confectionista is more like it! In a bold attempt to tie finance to cupcakes, she believes that garbage in equals garbage out; the quality of the output is determined by the quality of the input. When Andrea launched I Confect in 2010, she was determined to use the freshest, natural ingredients to create the most mouthwatering and delectable products in town! Now as a member of Union Kitchen in Washington, DC, I Confect continues to deliver buttery pound cakes, delicious cupcakes, uniquely flavored nuts and nut butters, and all natural ready-to-bake cookie dough.

I Confect HQ
Union Kitchen: Ivy City
1369 New York Ave NE ~ Washington, DC 20002
Orders and inquiries: info@iconfect.com